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Monave: Beautiful New Year Giveaway :: CLOSED

The Five Fish: Monave: Beautiful New Year Giveaway :: CLOSED

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Monave: Beautiful New Year Giveaway :: CLOSED

Welcome to a New Year and a new you right? Exactly!

I say new you because so often with a new year many men and women resolve to make the year a mulligan of sorts, start over, start fresh. Well I like to say that a new year and a new you means that you are reinventing yourself. So if you are reinventing yourself why not do so with a new look?

The wonderful team at Monave was so gracious to let me review the New York gift set, which includes the powder blush, foundation, eye shadows and corresponding brushes. I also reviewed the lip glosses if you recall correctly. I found Monave on my quest to find a better, healthier cosmetic line for my already "going green" reinvention of myself last year. As most of you know, I am a skeptic. I am always wanting to see the proof in the pudding with products; marketing is always great and sounds great, but I am a results driven individual. I want to see how the product really works for myself first hand to share with you, how well (or not so well) the product stands up past marketing.

If you read my gloss post you know how wonderfully rich and luscious the products are for women. Well the mineral line is just as fabulous. Honest! What I have found in using mineral products is that they tend to be cakey looking, albeit they make you look older, MUCH older, because the mineral powders settle into your fine lines and wrinkles. Especially if you use too much powder and your face is not properly hydrated and or moisturized. Not to mention that the coverage is not all that fantastic with some mineral powders; again the problem of too much or too little and a non-even look.

What I have thoroughly enjoyed about Monave mineral cosmetics is the amount of coverage with such little powder. This product is truly the swirl and tap that other powders claim to be. I have used everything too from Bare Minerals, Sheer Cover, Pure Minerals, Arbonne, you name it, I bought it and used it and was never satisfied. With Monave, my skin and make-up looks natural, bold, daring, or subtle if I want it to just based on application. But the bottom line is that the mineral foundation does not sink into my fine smile lines (yes I do have some even though I am in my 30s...the downfall of being a former smoker) around my eyes the powder does not look cakey and best of all, the tone is totally natural, totally true to the color of my skin.

Have you noticed that makeups have a pink hue? Um, the only person I know with pink skin is generally plastic and is branded with a toy name of sorts. Our skin has a yellow base, we all do, not pink, and the Monave line has wonderful products that are true to the tone of a woman's skin no matter how fair or how dark.

Do you want to win this beautiful mini set? Oh you do? Well I am happy to say that THREE, yes you got it!
3 LUCKY ladies (well men too if I don't want to be discriminatory here) can win this wonderful set of cosmetics from Monave! Here is how:

Mandatory Entry: Visit Monave cosmetics, peruse the site, come back and tell me what products you want in addition to the set and lippies I mentioned.

Before ANY entries can be accepted please follow the mandatory entry and be sure to make your Blogger profile public so I may view your email address or leave a valid email addy so we may contact you with your winnings.

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Best of luck Registered & Protected

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