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The Five Fish: you will be IT!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 you will be IT!

So I got damn sister Brittany! I didn't like the game as a kid.....but I will play along since I love games!

1. I have a really CRAPTASTIC day if my bed is NOT made and the day gets worse if I make it then G and DH go and mess it up while playing. My place of tranquility is not your playground! So I have to have my bed made everyday or I am a wreck....I am anal like that.

2. I love to cook, bake, grill, you name it and I will and can cook it! But I hate cooking when the meal is expected and unappreciated like I am the hired help.....that's when we order pizza.

3. I don't like to wash my hair. Weird...I know! But I love the way my hair feels after a few days of not washing and then washing it and adding my favorite product...I feel all supermodelish and I have a great hair day.

4. I can't stand feet. People and their feet are the nastiest objects that literally ever walked the earth! Do not touch me with your feet, wiggle your feet next to me, hope to rub your feet, negative. Feet are nasty and ugly.

5. I can't sleep unless someone is general DH or the dog. If you have ever owned a bulldog and suddenly the dog is not there snoring....cannot sleep. My bulldogs have all snored and I cannot sleep unless someone is sawing wood, very soothing to me.

6. I am such a dress up queen. I love my heels, my make-up, big hair and perfume. I love to feel like the classiest broad around and I hate wearing sweats and T-shirts. But the heels and suits don't cut it when it comes to fixing bottles and getting goobered on.....not so sexy.

7. The guys I have dated and now married all have had single syllable names. My mother pointed that out to me when I was a senior in high school. I know I have a winner for sure....just had to work through the alphabet to find the right single syllable named man! Love you babe!

I am suppose to tag 7 folks but I haven't that many people to if you wanna play....alrighty by me and A-OK if you don't. But enjoy my random weirdness.