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Wordful Wednesday

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

The mail finally came. The day finally arrived. Wednesday is here!

This Wordful Wednesday is probably the most important to me because of the simple fact that Three Years, Nine Months and Two Days ago I began an important journey. Unlike any journey of self gratification and growth this journey was of fulfillment and total and complete accomplishment. This journey was about me, when I was me, before my kids became a part of me, this is the five year old me "What do you wanna be when you grow up?"

In 1996 (I am dating myself here.....bear with me) I was awarded the Regents Scholarship Award to the University of Arizona. Quite the prestigious award right? You bet. I was a smarty pants. I was so smart and so good at school I was awarded a scholarship for it! To my favorite state university too. I was AMPED!! So some months passed and I was readying myself for the BIG COLLEGE experience when I was hit with a ton of nonsense.

Student Housing....FULL.
Accepted and Ready to Go to College...CHECK.
Parents were as broke as Humpty Dumpty....CHECK.

Just shy of my 18th birthday I was destroyed. I spent hours on the phone trying to find a way into housing, find a way to get to college. Then I heard these words, "Probably a good would just party your way through school and destroy your scholarship anyway."


So I was destined for nothingness right? WRONG

In September of 2005 one year after DH had finally finished his degree program (many years after high school and his "college" experience at UNM) I grow some large kiwis (thats for you Lizz because I wub joo) and I apply to college. And I am accepted. And I cannot believe it.

For the last three years I have sacrificed my time and self for this fancy piece of paper that tells me that I have mastered the fine art of BULLSHIT. (LOL) No says so....BS.

Just kidding.

But really my degree is a BS. A Bachelors of Science in Business Finance. This is my second degree, my first is in just plain old business. However, the document before you is the real deal. I have been waiting ANXIOUSLY to get this is in the mail to show that I did it! And I partied too!
I also happened to maintain a 3.83 GPA thank you very much. In this time that I have gone back to school I did the following:
  • Worked Full Time
  • Raised a Family
  • Had a Breakdown
  • Recovered from a Breakdown
  • Put Down my Bassett Hound (who was like my first born, I had her before I had kids and she was so young too...she is my next WW post!)
  • Found I was Pregnant with TWINS!
  • Went through Nine Months of Twin Pregnancy
  • Delivered my Twins in the Middle of a Class, and finished with an A
  • Raised Twins and a Larger Family
  • Managed to maintain my normal home life, BLOGGED, (woot!!) worked, had kids, and still graduated!
On July 18th 2009 I will be celebrating my graduation by participating in the commencement ceremonies at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale and I am as giddy as a high school girl. The day my diploma arrived I was shaking and in tears. I just had to share that ANYONE can do it at any time! Go back to school, fulfill your dreams, don't let anything stand in your way!

Happy Wordful Wednesday Everybody! And as always make sure you stop by Angie's to give some linky love and share in your Wordful Wednesday!

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