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Giving Credit where Credit is Due

The Five Fish: Giving Credit where Credit is Due

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Giving Credit where Credit is Due

I have had so many wonderful men and women come into my life since I began blogging. Either by a simple stumble, maybe a mistake, a referral, or some obligation but I have been so blessed. I think so many bloggers deserve recognition and credit that this post is for you! I am humbled by your comments, your feedback, your friendship, your support that you deserve to be recognized for being such a wonderful person, blogger, and friend.

Please go check these wonderful ladies (and gents) out. They brighten my day, have wonderful reads, and are near and dear to my heart!

If I don't have you on the list take no offense...I most likely was pulled away by the Squids as I have heard random screaming ALL DAY and the time is almost 3pm AZ time which mean I have to get off my bloggy duff to run errands and start making dinner for tonight. Oh so glamorous life you know!? I love all the ladies (and men) that I read and wanted to share my love and create a post just for you!

All my bloggy love and friendship,
Mrs Fish

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