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Blogging and Toddling

The Five Fish: Blogging and Toddling

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogging and Toddling

Toddling twins and a mom who enjoys not mix. Basically this mixture is like taking a mom who is on Prozac and loading her up on shots of bueno!

I have attempted....okay really I have done more than attempt....I have started a half dozen posts only to have them so graciously (screaming, yelling, wailing, and crying) interrupted by the twins. This requires my moment of Zen to be disturbed by removing my ass from said chair in front of laptop to inspect said disturbance. This gets old!

Needless to say I think I am making a good exercise of it. I am thinking of moving the chair altogether to avoid the whole truly sitting down to just doing air chairs. I will have a sweet looking ass and thighs in no time if I do this!

As I remove said arse from said chair I find scenes like these strewn through the house:

I see toilet paper from a BRAND NEW roll completely dismembered through my vanity area of my bathroom and the latrine area.

I then see where the twins are becoming a gaggle of trouble.....unloading my Tupperware from my cabinets. Which normally I have no issue with.....except lately they disappear outside, in the sink, under cribs.

Finally, Little Bitty decides she will be the lookout for her brother....who was most likely the one who unrolled the toilet paper. Not only is she the lookout but the distraction....can you see in this picture why she would be a distraction?

Ah yes, the favored Victoria's Secret brazier that she managed to get out of my bedroom and strung from her neck like a set of beautiful ivory pearls.

This kind of chaos ensues I pray for nap time. I begged for it yesterday when they refused to nap. They woke so early from their nap just to rummage and create more damage. By the end of the day I was spent. I still had to work out and said...EFF it. I went to bed. I had laundry that needed to be will grow larger tomorrow...went to bed. If you want to know how a mom of multiples does it everyday....she just says EFF IT and goes. to. bed!

So I went to bed. And now....that the twins are napping I get to blog! HOORAY! I have to say on these days I miss the Big G just for the older entertainment he is for the squids.
Enjoy what a normal day looks like in my house of Blogging and Toddling.

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