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Am I living in a Hitchcock Movie

The Five Fish: Am I living in a Hitchcock Movie

Monday, August 17, 2009

Am I living in a Hitchcock Movie

I wonder this so many times while cruising through the blogosphere. I guess I am blessed, lucky, per chance maybe that I have a great network of readers. Bloggers that truly have great content. I made a conscious decision the other day to "weed out" some true bullshit. Stuff that I was following for the sake of following but did not enjoy the content.

I am finding more like that everyday.

I kept my very special reads....who lately I have failed to comment....but at least I see them on Facebook so at least I can keep in touch that way, but I had other reads that were quite frankly airing on the side of feeling chagrin. You know that feeling....the one where it is like....SHEESH, are we going to beat that horse again. Or are we past that yet? I mean I truly feel like I am in an Alfred Hitchcock twist of the Twilight Zone because my bloggers that I did enjoy are now part of the disease infested bloggers that I did not enjoy. The blase ones who think they are superior and really they are no different, they just have a larger bank account and bigger PR backing. The ones who just want to wreak of misery and bullshit about "OMG, Girl, did you see what she wrote on her blog?" and the "Unt uh, no she didn't...I am so with her...I am so sick of that."

When did blogs turn into high school?

A bunch of women. Grown. Child rearing. Child bearing. Grandmotherly. Women. Who act like a bunch of juvenile brats? I guess like I said I was stuck in Smallville reading about how other mom's were struggling to maintain a level of sane like I was everyday. Frustrated about what to cook because frankly the day sucked and Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos, heck Taco Bell seemed more tantalizing than cooking. I was in Smallville enjoying the simple things of being a mom, the complex, the ordinary, the extraordinary, the fun, the sorrow, the laughs!! So when the hell did blogs turn into a "Well I am hanging with the cool chick and we are going to do this and take a stand" and when did women, who all share the same passions turn into enemies. Not even frenemies...well some, but not all. Was I in the twilight zone?

I guess this was my reason for not blogging either, other than my desire to read. To reconnect with my family and get through this hump of school and get back into a grind, a groove, the routine of life with my school aged son and now toddler twins!

I'm really curious if anyone knows what the deal is with blogs, with the bloggers? What happened to leaving well enough alone?

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