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Beauty Tip of the Day

The Five Fish: Beauty Tip of the Day

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beauty Tip of the Day

Mothers are always trying to find ways to simplify their beauty routines. Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles leave little room for the vanity and up-keep of being a beautiful woman. However, I have found the simplest tips and tricks to be a time saver and I can still be beautiful without spending hours getting ready.

I am always rushed to get to bed or get ready in the morning because I have twins and a school aged son. I have found that the Pond's Wet Cleansing Towlettes are fabulous because the cleanser is already in the towelette and removes make-up so I am not trying to rush through two steps of make-up remover and then a cleanser. All in one step, just wash and go.

Plus whatever eye make-up may be left behind, I like to use Q-Tips and a dab of Vaseline that I roll along the bottom of my eyes that help collect the extra mascara and eyeliner without smearing, smudging or leaving extra make-up requiring extra time for removal. I just wipe clean with a cloth or the other end of the Q-Tip.

I also love to use Q-Tips when applying my eyeliner as I can wet the tip of the Q-Tips stick to clear away any mistakes or excess eyeliner or mascara as I am applying. Leaving my look flawless and polished. I also use Q-Tips for lipstick application where I apply some to my lips and some to the Q-Tip and smooth along like a lip brush but without the buildup on a makeup brush which can collect germs and other lipstick colors which could turn into a bad clown scenario if you don't clean your brushes daily.

These are just my personal beauty tips that I am happy to share with you, but you can visit the Unilever brands site where they have the Beauty Tip of the Day with the various products from Ponds, Q-Tip, Dove and more!

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