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Gifts for Everyone: Rubbermaid :: CLOSED

The Five Fish: Gifts for Everyone: Rubbermaid :: CLOSED

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gifts for Everyone: Rubbermaid :: CLOSED

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People treat Christmas like this is the only time of year to get someone something completely mind blowing. I mean, is December the only time to get the ones you love totally mind blowing gifts and the rest of the year is a buzz kill? Not in my house. No one likes my lists....I am practical, realistic, affordable, year round too! I like gifts that I can use everyday, that are appreciative, functional.

This year I thought to myself....Karie...what do you need or want? Well I wanted a vacation...but what I really need is organization! I scoured my kitchen, my house, my garage. Disarray! With three kids, twins no less, a dog, and a husband that works full time, blessed be that my house is traffic worthy and that it truly is as perfect as it is all the time. However, I have hidden secrets. Such as my Tupperware. Yes, my dark secret is my Tupperware cabinet fails me. FAIL I tell you.

I sought for the perfect Tupperware answer and Rubbermaid answered my call, the folks at Rubbermaid were so gracious to send me some to review for the gift guide.

Rubbermaid you ask? Like those Roughneck Totes? Yes. Imagine, roughneck totes for your kitchen. Functional storage with the quality of Rubbermaid brand and functionality. But here is the best part in my opinion. Rubbermaid offers 17 different kitchen products (well...more, but specifically these are for the kitchen). What is even better is their new food storage line of products has these great lids.

Lids? You ask. Yes, lids. Do you not hate when your lids are everywhere. A cluster mess of hide and seek for the right lid. Well Rubbermaid has these fabulous and I truly mean fabulous, ingenious snap and click lids.

So I reviewed the 20-piece food storage mixed set and I tell you what....I was ecstatic. I emailed Rubbermaid the day I got them and was bubbling over with the ease of use with the lids. How everything nested together. And...then put away so nicely. I washed them immediately and I absolutely had to try them because that day happened to be farm day for my CSA pick-up and I had produce that needed to be stored properly. I got to chopping and put the Rubbermaid food storage containers to the test, especially the produce savers. Here is what fresh, organic farm tomatoes look like in the Rubbermaid Produce Savers food storage.

Look at those tomato juices nesting at the bottom. This is what you tomatoes will normally sit in and that may make them more mushy once they have been chopped and diced, leaving them undesirable and you end up tossing them, thus wasting money. Well I hate to throw away money. So the produce savers are fabulous for those produce items that happen to be juicy or may turn juicy over time. You see the little green tray at the bottom? Well that keeps your produce fresh and out of the juice with the slots and raised platform, not to mention the venting holes at the top to help release the gasses the build up as produce is stored. But here is what Rubbermaid suggests for your produce storage, which is that you "do not cut the produce before storing" [Rubbermaid, 2009], read more here.

But the produce savers are not the only products The Five Fish tested and the Lock-Its with the secure tab, the Premier, and the Easy Find lids. All with the click lids for easy storage and access.

Rubbermaid is not just store for your stuff and food, but they also have Closet and Laundry storage and organization, Garage organization, any space you can think of and the products to make life more functional and easy! Who can tell me they would turn down functional?

Do you have a chef at home, wife, mother, sister, brother, maybe a college student who could use these. All around Rubbermaid is a great gift idea for anyone who could use storage. You want some you say? Well here is your chance to win a 20pc Food Storage Mixed Set with The Five Fish:

MANDATORY ENTRY: Tell me your pet peeve with Tupperware or storage in general. (Be sure to leave your email address or make your blogger profile public so your email address is available.)

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