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Gifts for Him: System Mechanic :: CLOSED

The Five Fish: Gifts for Him: System Mechanic :: CLOSED

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gifts for Him: System Mechanic :: CLOSED, Iolo Technologies
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Do you have a PC or IT geek in your life? Mine is my husband. Complete. Geek. He starts to talk PC or anything beyond simple OS (operating system) and something unrelated to HTML, blogging, finance, etc....he might as well be speaking a dead or foreign language.

I could not have been happier when I got his feedback for gift ideas and I was provided a copy of iolo technologies System Mechanic to install on our computers for review. I was happy to not know what it was until the geek told me. Seriously. Had no idea what this program does. Okay, supposedly it cleans off mumbo jumbo. I can do that. Highlight. Delete. Empty Recycle.

Not so much!

Geek Said: This program is great for boosting all your performance on your computer. Rather than freezing up the entire system like Windows is known to do it does it for you.
She Said: Okay great....why do I need an extra program?
Geek Said: Just download the program. Super easy, takes less than a minute.
(Downloaded in 90 seconds or less)
She Said: Really it was more than a minute. Now what? I don't need any more garbage on my computer.
Geek Said: It is not garbage...very small installation file. Look, see your installation files and registry?

(If it isn't bridal, baby, I have never seen a registry on my computer...won't touch it....I'm dumb like that), Iolo TechnologiesGeek Said: Just run the system.

To your left is a picture of the start-up screen to scan your computer. It is fabulous! Now that I know what it does.

Geek Said: See, I found over a gig of system clutter, 254 registry problems, 14 unneeded startup processes, and easily backed up my registry.
She Said: (*crickets)
Geek Said: Just run the program.
She Said: Fine

So I ran the program and guess what. 

I actually also found as much clutter and crap and sludge to slow the performance of my computer as the geek did! Basically the System Mechanic acts like a lubricant would for a car or even just general maintenance, it smooths and speeds processes by keeping all your parts and components clean. (Yeah, I know more about cars than I do PC's...go figure) Here is what else my geek said:

There is nothing I hate more than not having the right tool for the job that needs to be done. Trying to half ass a clamp with a pair of channel locks is just as annoying as trying to clean up or fix a PC without the right software. System Mechanic has been a favorite of mine for years and the new version 9 is just as awesome as ever.

I think he liked it? What do you think?

Here is what System Mechanic will do for you:
  • Cleans, defrags, and repairs registry
  • Accelerates PC startup 19 ways
  • Defrags & recovers orphaned RAM
  • Boosts internet speed
  • Complete low-level drive defrag
  • Turns off unused background programs [Source: System Mechanic Site, 2009]
Perfect for bloggers, gamers (Yes you WoWHeads out there), and general PC users alike who want to maximize performance. Even better, the customer service is PHENOMENAL! My geek was having an issue with the registry, sent the info to our contact Michael (who is super nice), and guess what.....the problem is a BIG DEAL! Jinkies! So the awesome folks at iolo technologies are working on this issue that my geek found. Pretty dang cool....we are just hoping he is not that nerd like at the Cubs game that tried to catch the in-play-foul-ball deal, yeah we do not need geek hate for that foul. (Just kidding)

So if you are not the savviest, or maybe you are and you need to improve the performance of your computer...this is the way to go. Really no major install or directions required. In fact, you can win a ONE year copy of System Mechanic good for THREE PC's. Here's the skinny

MANDATORY ENTRY: Go visit the System Mechanic site and tell me what other products iolo offers and how they can help your PC.

  • Tell me too what else makes your computer slow or a pain for you
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Don't forget to DOWNLOAD your Copy of the catalog HERE and all the fabulous participants, savings, and giveaways!

Best of luck!
 *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Click HERE!

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