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Working Hard for My Money

The Five Fish: Working Hard for My Money

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Working Hard for My Money

Can you hear Donna Summers? I can. Brings me back to the 80s. So I read this post and maybe some of you did too about getting paid to blog. Now before I get hit with tomatoes and you all decide to leave nasty comments that I will leave for everyone to see....and guess what...I don't respond with comment away. Why do people feel some entitlement to be paid to blog? I mean I can understand if you are hired by a company i.e. Mattel, DeVry Institute, Daimler Chrysler, HBO Films, etc then I can see a paycheck being yielded for services DELIVERED. You, as a writer for aforementioned company could yield a paycheck.

But blogging because you are a stay at home mom who originally started out as just a stay at home mom who blogged about life as a stay at home mom who is now a semi-interesting blog that does some product reviews and did some giveaways in the past does not entitle you to be paid. Why? Let me explain.

You are a mom. That is a job right? Yup. Where is the effing money for that job? Oh, you mean you don't get paid to do that job like the Nanny, the babysitter, the daycare service that watches your child when you actually go to a JOB that pays you a check? Or how about that maid? Do you get $180 a month to clean your own house? Nope. Or better yet, how about the lawn service....are you being paid the same amount as (phonetic for you here) Hey Seuss (Jesus) to mow the lawn, rake the leaves? Right.  You see you got into blogging as an outlet, as most did.

An outlet to share angst, pain, sorrow, frustration, pain, and all the in between of being a mom. So your blog became popular because women, men, and the like enjoyed your readings, maybe they still do enjoy your readings, in fact maybe your posts resonated with the audience. Then one day PR approached you. A simple, hey would you try this out, we will send it to you for free and you write about it. Okay. No harm, plus its a free product. Really, who would turn down free schtuff? Heck my family is known for free schtuff, ask my sister Brittany Greer, my step-dad, his motto for the last 20 years "If It's Free It's for Me." You take said product, try it out, see if you like it, family likes it. You tell your family and friends and then you blog about it. Mission accomplished. I like some products and some I do not...I say kids say so....or if we like the product but do not like features...we say so about that too. YOU SAY SO.

When did that become a paying job? Like motherhood? Or better yet I actually went to the panel. Someone who knows diddly shit about blogging, social media, product reviews, I went to the husband. I asked him.

"What do you think about bloggers who do product reviews suggesting or even going as far as demanding and asking for pay for "time and services" to review a product?" Guess what he said.....

"So what, they are whoring out their blog for cash? They feel they have some entitlement because PR ASK'S, yes ASK'S them to review a product? Do they keep the product too?" I nod in acceptance. "Sounds to me that is more prostitution....that would be like charging your husband for a handjob when you don't feel like telling him aren't in the mood or charging him hourly rates for the few seconds he lasts in bed when you should have told him NO."

From the mouth of a man. Who has nothing to do with blogging. Who really, doesn't know all the in's and out's of my blogging, my product reviews, social media, etc, etc. He just sees that I am a happier person, that I am not working my ass to the bone everyday in an office, that I am home with our kids. I blog to share my experiences as a mom, woman, wife, inner child, and human out of my head and I would rather type it because thank the heavens for Bill Gates and freaking spell check because my handwriting would be chicken scratch in a journal. He sees that blogging has given me an outlet besides our awesome therapist and besides arguing with him. I go blog because I like to, and no one has to pay me to do this job.

If I get some products along the way that my kids or family enjoy and hey some PR company gets some piddly exposure on my blog for be it. Whatever. They get the same exposure by hiring my granny to pass out "All Natural TAY COES, please Come try some TAY COES, ALL NATURAL, 100% NATURAL" at the frozen food aisle of Costco. Only granny doesn't get to take home and eat those TAY COES, I do.

I don't need my blog to tell me I have self worth. I don't need bloggy or PR windbags to justify my worth or influence. I don't need numbers. Stats. Followers. Minions, sheep, or a fracking forum and online community to tell me about my self worth.

Why? Because I am a 31 year old woman, wife, mother. I put myself through college while married, raising one, birthing twins during a class, thus raising three all while going to COLLEGE. I wasn't awarded the luxury of college right after high school or wealthy parents. I also worked full time since I was 14, then from my home as a successful loan consultant at the age of 25. I have worked for multi-million dollar franchises and Fortune 500 companies. I have been a manager before most ass hats were even figuring out their college major (yes at 20 I was a manager). I am beautiful, snarky, have an IQ that would make the temperature of a hot, July, Arizona summer cry. I also have a heart of gold, am loyal, friendly and genuine. I have friends in REAL LIFE and friends online, and guess what. THEY COULD CARELESS  what my stats are, my followers, my tweets.

No one pays or paid me to be a mom. I made a CHOICE! I made a choice to become a mother. Just like I made a CHOICE to blog, I made a CHOICE to do product reviews, giveaways, and promotions, PR doesn't shove anything down my throat. In fact a lot ask....and I kindly say...not at this time...or that is not right for my family...just like PR says to bloggers who have approached them....See how this is a two way street. I choose to do it, because I enjoy it. Just like I enjoy being a mother. So if you want to pay me for being a mom....I think I may have resentment, just like other paying jobs I have had in the past. If you want to pay me to blog....I hope the payment is for a topic or product I like...because I only speak the truth on every level. The jobs I love and enjoy are the ones I don't have to yield a paycheck, but if I get something out of it, like a product or even a PRODUCTIVE child and adult who has their own self worth....I can sleep at night. Thank you, Good Day.

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