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Twin Talk

The Five Fish: Twin Talk

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Twin Talk

The Squids are coming into their own, more and more they are true gnomes becoming the funniest little people I have yet to meet. Here they are in all their glory. They are excited...can you see it?

Sara, what is your brother's name? Sess
Seth, what is your sister's name? Can you say Sara? Bitty

Sara's words:

Sass = Trash.
Sometimes the trash can be a little sassy. Pew...what's that funk?
Buh bye = buh bye
I'm leaving with you....let me get my shoes...NOW. (insert screaming toddler)
Gee gee = Ginger
The family Bulldog.
Kee = kitty
Do you remember the girl from the Looney Tunes?
I want to hug them, love them, pet them, yeah, she is pretty ape shit crazy over kitties.

Shoos = shoes
Pretty clear on this...she manages her way into my closet and clomps around the house in my heels. Impressive for a two year old toddler to manage 3-5inch heels.
Ugh ugh = That
Grunting that suggests she wants whatever the hell you have....fork it over.
All duh = All done
Whatever I am doing, eating, pooping, getting into trouble...all done.
Shit = Ship, chip
We really have no effing clue. She uses it frequently and in the correct text. We are thinking shit is shit. All duh.

Seth's words:

Shoos = Shoes
Gingrr = Ginger
The "e" in Ginger is just completely silent or more of a "u" sound.
Spee = Fork, spoon
We know he wants utensils when he asks for spee
Ny Ny = Night Night
Hi Ho Hi Ho off to bed we go.

Ah = Bye
Just a quick wave is the only indicator of the word he is saying.
Dada = Mom and Dad
Whomever is in range of his parental demands gets the Dada call
HELL-LOW = Hello
The happiest hello you will ever hear...ever!
Doh = Door
He has an OCD obsession about doors...clearly gets the door part from him father.
Oh nee = bologna
Yum buddy! Registered & Protected

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