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Ah...forgot to post....update and my excuses

The Five Fish: Ah...forgot to post....update and my excuses

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah...forgot to post....update and my excuses

I found that having children does make you totally and utterly insane, crazy, retarded, stupid, completely absent minded and a little loopy. The boys made it home on Saturday night and I have been in overdrive since then being CEO of house and home again. Of course in there I have completely forgotten so many things to do until my Outlook calendar screams at me a half day before hand. Here is what I have accomplished since last Monday....I fail totally at getting things all done, ah, long gone are my 20's when I used to be able to do that. Plus two extra kiddos sucked the life and memory force from me.....maybe Chad can upgrade me like his computer? Eh...not a bad idea...not.

13th Parent/teacher conference (went smashing!) As protective parents of our oldest we questioned everything from his intelligence to his progress and how we can further find ways to send him to therapy. We found he and Louis love to talk. My child? Talk? Like Non-stop? NO WAY! All good, he is a little lazy on his "L" sound...his tongue doesn't work I found...he laps it like a dog making the "L" sound. So he looks like a cow chewing cud....Herring family trait I suppose...not Hudson....we roollll the tongue. LOL

14th Wrote totally unriveting paper about Bid/Ask spread of foreign currency

15th Helped pack boys for Albuquerque....packing is an ordeal as the men in my house pack like they unpack. Twins and I ran errands after they left. Watched the debates and ate Taco Bell.

16th Wrote another paper for school about Futures and Forwards of currency or known as hedging, again....(snores) riveting stuff. Got hair done, argued with Step dad profusely (the man is nuts I tell you...LOL), figured out why I am such a perfectionist (this was an epiphany), ran more errands.

17th Went to Goodwill to spend a little alone time shopping where I am not chasing kids....the twins can't run yet, so enjoyed that, and shop off my ill feelings from the previous day. Caught up on my soaps later than evening, caught up on my DVR shows, blogged, did school, went to bed.

18th Went to Costco (my fave place) where I attempted to make a mad dash in and out considering it was Saturday. No such luck. I got the multiple questions (sigh) while attempting to grab my necessities along with a few goodies (damn their bakery and those gigantic cookies and croissants and pizza..."Curse you Costco....Damn you! Damn you all to hell!" ). However, I got the best statement, my all time fave (check out blog from the 17th ) to which I turned with my favorite, happiest smile that wreaked of 'choke on this' and said "Thank you, I really appreciate that!" Then returned to loading all my stuff on the conveyor. But she didn't stop there....then she had to comment on my formula....which I turned and told her..."Not that it would matter to you but I breast fed until just recently. So it is either the formula or my sanity....I chose the formula."

After my trip to Costco I needed a nap. Seriously....I had not felt so drained from all the vampires hovering on me in Costco since I was breast feeding. Wowsers! But that night was a blast! We had our annual G.A.I.N. (Get Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods) meeting and our neighbors had a chili cook off and we met with the police, waste management, and the kids all had a blast....minus the G, poor G.

The boys got home around 7:15pm that night where G was wrecked in the front seat (to avoid projectile vomiting....funny story about that) and Chad was visibly tired from the drive. So he and I enjoyed some "friendly" parent time together that night.

Sunday pretty uneventful....whew!

20th Back to school, rushing around in the morning getting everyone dressed and ready to go including myself. Breakfasts, dressed, we go! I pick him up only to see that UGH!! We are on another committee! The first is for the Family Dance on Nov. 6th where we are responsible for drinks, then his party for his class on the 29th where we have to bring Bingo prizes!

Today: I REMEMBERED! To get G's costume that he has been bugging me for weeks for! He will be a knight still....thank goodness (and no shiny pee pee....see this to understand)! I remembered to buy vanilla that we are out of, a note pad so that I can jot all this crap down that I forget and have forgotten during the day (which I am sure I will forget that I bought the notepad for that....must leave in obvious place with note), Bingo prizes, promptly forgot the cooler for drinks for the family dance, stepper (to work off my junkyard booty from the babies....I got major back!), and baby wipes. Yup, Sara Squid decided to take the nastiest, yuckiest, stinkiest diaper known to man and I FORGOT wipes in the car. I so fail! There I the Wal-Mart bathroom.....searching aimlessly for something that resembles a wipe while holding the squirming squid down so she doesn't plummet to the floor from the changing thingy. Sigh, so I wiped as best I could until I could get to the car to clean her up. So sorry Sara.....I am so glad you won't remember the day I forgot wipes in the van.