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Play on Words

The Five Fish: Play on Words

Monday, November 03, 2008

Play on Words

We had a HUGE funny this evening that I knew I had to share with everyone!

So we have had major problems with the phone. For some retarded reason when someone calls my house I swear this nasty, obnoxious hum starts on the line and does not go away. We have had the service guys out here twice for it to no avail. Today, they came again after they were just here Saturday. The guy on Saturday was a real whiz I tell you! He showed up in a low rider.....asked to borrow our flash light......and used our ladder. Hmmmm, and you are the service guy coming unprepared to my house in that "hoop-dy"...nice one Pedro. Off topic...back to where I was headed. The service guys showed up this evening between 5-7 as is how the conversation went down between myself, DH, and G:

Me: Oh sweet, COX is here to work on the phone. Oh look and they brought reinforcements, there is two of them.

G: There is more....there is two guys here working Mama.
Me: Yup buddy, there are two COX here to work on the phone. (giggling uncontrollably)
G: TWO COX! Dada there are two COX here.
Me: Laughing uncontrollably and almost peeing my pants
DH: You need to get laid.
Me: But seriously, there are TWO COX guys out there working on the line.
G: Why is two COX so funny Mama.

At that time we are laughing so hard that I am distracted by the door bell ringing which saves the whole incident from explanation.