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Text Message Folly

The Five Fish: Text Message Folly

Friday, June 26, 2009

Text Message Folly

Just the other day I was on my standard trip to Costco to load up on TONS of milk and miscellaneous that I need around the house. I really just need a freaking cow for crying out just cannot imagine the amount of milk three little gnomes can power through.

Anyway, I leave the house and totally space looking up where the nearest Whole Foods Market may be. I thought I might check them out for this specialty item I have been shopping for and haven't found....thinking they might have it. So I figure I would text the old little sister and see if she can Google the closest Whole Foods for me. Fantastic! Here is how our texts play out:

Me: B, can u look up the closest whole foods, plz.

B: The nearest Whole Foods is Tempe or Gilbert.

Me: That blows!!! CRAP

B: Goats or penises?

Now here is where the replies get tricky, my sister and I have great banter! Watch as I foul up my texts...I am such a dork!!

Me: Goats!!! Penises are YUMMO!!!

DH: What????

Me: What......


Now I was laughing hysterically, in the car mind you....yes texting while I am driving, but hey...safer than surfing the web on the old phone. I seriously thought I had the best reply....only to have that shattered by the old DH. Who was wondering why I was discussing penises via text and with whom I was discussing penises. I could not understand why my sister did not I understood. Sheesh for having those two so close on my contacts list. I had to look into my sent messages to find I sent the text to DH instead of my sister. I failed miserably at the texting that day. So I forwarded the text to her with this note:

Me: ......sent this text to C, on accident, shoulda gone to you......GOATS!! Penises are YUMMO!!


Yes I am the texting noob queen. I will never text and drive again! At least not when I am talking about what blows....goats or penises!

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