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All in the Winning Name

The Five Fish: All in the Winning Name

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All in the Winning Name

You placed your votes on the winning soap company name for me.
To which I am eternally grateful.

The Winner:

Is Sudsations!
However, because I researched the name this time around I cannot use it!
I am sad about this! I found names in the trademark database and URL's that carry the Sudsation name. Bummed!
But, the second runner up is Faith, Soap, and Love.

Now my contestants that submitted names should be getting their soaps in the mail shortly (I had to have an "incident" with the post office. I hear they "color code" envelopes. R E T A R D E D!) and my winners will receive a Three pack!

So Miss Tamara and Miss Carol
Let me know what your soaps of liking are and I will be sure to get those three packs out to you to enjoy for being such awesome sports with the name game!

For everyone that helped vote for a name thank you so much! I had a lot of fun with this because I relinquished all control (which is hard to do for someone who is OCD and a total control freak) to you all to name my soap company! Now I get to create my boutique with the great name!

Thank you again ladies!!
Oh, be sure to go check out Jayne @ Misplaced City Girl who is holding a giveaway of a three pack of my soaps as well. Plus she gave me a brutally honest and kick ass review!

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