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The Five Fish: Awarded

Thursday, July 23, 2009


When I began my journey of blogging a few years ago I had no idea how rewarding a simple blog post could be. I would post for the sheer fact of updating family, and then I got into how I could share more than just what the kids were doing....what I was doing. How I was coping as a mother. I finally found a voice. With my voice I have found many other voices in this journey. Women with the same struggles, victories, and let downs as myself. I have also met women with some of the greatest courage and strength and light that burn into me like the daily sun and I yearn for more with these women, they are truly superb. I have received some awards that really turned my day around.

I was having a crap-tastic day yesterday and my dear bloggy friends, who one day I will meet in person, either by road trip, a conference, or for the hell of it and we all run off to Vegas leaving our husbands with the kids, but these dear friends gave me some really great awards that mean a lot to me and I hope they mean just as much to those who will also receive them.

Blog it Forward

This award so means a lot to know that I inspire another mom, woman, and bloggy friend! Stacie I love you my friend, you are courageous and genuine and I love you for that and thank you so much for this award!! So here are the deets with this award and who I will be sharing with since Stacie already passed this on to me:
  • Blog about this award linking to the person who awarded it to you.
  • Share the award with 10 other bloggers who inspire you.
  • Comment on their blog directing them here: so that they may blog it forward and grab the code for the button.
My award winners would be endless but here are some ladies who inspire me and show me how amazing a woman I can be because of their unbeknownst inspiration:
  • Melissa @ Rock and Drool: You taught me to keep my voice, no matter what. Your raw, bold faced honesty keeps me laughing and wanting more. Have fun @ BlogHer my friend.
  • Kadi @ Womb at the Innsane but now she is focusing on Haute Cowgirl and Womb To Bloom: Kadi you are amazing, for a woman the same age as me I am in awe of how well you keep your shit together sister and for all that you do! Amazing!
  • Shelley @ I'm Still Standing After All This Time: Shelley you are a heck of a woman with strength and courage and the will to fight adversity like no other. Your skills as a special needs mom blow my mind. You are a class act!
  • Eileen @ Sane Without Drugs: You are my sister from another mother! You keep me laughing and coming back for more....are you my dealer?! Shhhh, I won't tell!
  • Theta Mom! You are one awesome woman and a total light in life. I can't even describe more! You are fantastic!
  • Trudy @ Third Time's a Charm: You are a gem my sister! All you have overcome and where you are today...stand proud as you should be. You are a shining light!
  • Veronica @ Another Suburban Mom: Oh my woman, you show women everywhere the power of beauty and sex appeal! Love ya!
Now I also received two other awards from my friend Stacie @ Super Mommy to the Rescue and also from Theta Mom and they are these lovely awards!!

I have to pass these on so I am just going to name a few because I think these readers and bloggers are absolutely LOVELY and have tons of class character that I enjoy reading.

  • Nicole, but she goes by Nikki. She is just awesome, love her reads.
  • My Sister Brittany, she is lovely and I love her.
  • My other sister Nicole, because I know she felt all sorts of guilt for not making my graduation but I totally understand so wanted to share some love with her.
  • Modern Mom, she is one lovely lady and filled with class and sass. Love her!
  • Jayne @ Misplaced City Girl. I love her, her foodie habits are about as quirky as she is reviewing and giving away my soaps! Be sure to go check her out.
  • Blueviolet @ A Nut in A Nutshell. She is a riot, and back to blogging, I do not think she knew how much she was missed. So here you go my bloggy friend!
  • Beth @ Be Careful What you Wish For! My other sister from another mother who totally gets me. She definitely deserves the award! Lovely and sane....with kids!!
  • Mel @ The Lotus Pages who carries a calm and lovely demeanor at all times. She is my zen and my long distance BFF who one day I will knock on the door to her flat in Malta and we shall drink, eat and be merry together!!
  • Momma Young who can make a girl feel like home in the bloggy world with strangers. You are my mother hen of the welcome wagon! Love you!
  • Lizz @ One Nerve Left who again....a sister from another mother. Her tweets and blogging are just awesome and shes just a great all around bloggy friend!
  • Sherry @ A Little Fun with Me and Lu is an inspiration to moms who lack patience!! Go check her out and all her craft fun with Lu! She is just awesome!!

So there is my short list for I said I would be here ALL DAY listing my lovelies! Which I have lots of lovelies that I read, comment, and stalk. Share the love ladies! I know I would if I had enough energy, daylight, and no gnomes pulling at my legs to run off to your blogs and share the awarded love! So know, if I did not mention you....I love you!! DEARLY!!

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