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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tools For Moms

CHOP,, Karie HerringThe web is an endless plethora of information and resources. I mean you can Google yourself, a condition, a place, a picture, ANYTHING and you are redirected to lists and lists of information. As a mom this can be so frustrating as you weed through what is a reliable source and what is not. Often times we can even be deceived by these "reliable" sources.

Recently Big G decided he would take a moment to cut an apple for himself to eat. Most of the time this is not an issue as the boy could not reach the counter and or the knife being used was as dull as a spoon. However, this time we were not so lucky.This was the culprit of a VERY large and deep cut into his index finger as he held an apple in his hand and drove the knife from north to south along the fruit. knife,, Karie Herring, injuryAs he did this he caught his finger. The doctor said had he been an adult he would have received stitches.

Accidents like these, or the fall from a bike or tree resulting in a broken arm and such happen all the time. While we may feel these accidents are a rite of passage for our children or they happen and we do all we can to prevent them, the trauma of the accident may be more painful than just the physical pain. One of my blog friends (and a twin mama) also is dealing with trauma for her very young son who is having issues with eating and breathing, symptoms that can happen in premature infants. While not an injury, traumatic nonetheless with the surgery involved.

So when these things happen where do you turn? Where is the help for you and your child with the emotional healing, where we as parents do not feel guilty for life happening, and our children are able to work through their emotions as well? Well a site created in conjunction with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (which is a leading pediatric hospital) focuses specifically on the mental, emotional and physical healing of any injury or trauma. I just thought with all of the sites available why not visit one that is legit and goes beyond the standard text book help.

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