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Not Feeling It

The Five Fish: Not Feeling It

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not Feeling It

While I am suppose to be doing a Monday Mingle wich I was looking forward to doing this week....I am not feeling it. We were celebrating Grant's birthday today, even though it's tomorrow. But what's worse is we took our bulldog to the vet. Last time we took our dogs to the vet we have had to put them down. Each. And. Every. One of them. My husband's beloved Bulldog and my beloved Bassett.

So tonight, I wait by the phone. Tomorrow. I try to keep the happiest face as my oldest son celebrates six glorious years of his life while his best friend of the same age is at the vet, not here to celebrate with him. Which he wants more than anything.

I apologize....I am just not feeling it because my furry friends are just as much my family and I feel at a total loss. Afraid of the unknown, sad about what MAY come to pass. So I cannot put on a happy face and blog.

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