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Wordful Wednesday: My Staff

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday: My Staff

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: My Staff

I wanted everyone to see the staff behind me that helps keep my machine running smoothly and perfectly. I mean seriously you can't be an Alpha or a Beta Mom all the time right? Thanks to my sister Theta Mom who taught me that. So with her inspiration I bring you my Staff:

What's her name
Ah, this broad. She is my Designated Drinker, wingman, distraction, BFF for a girl's night out (yeah, she'll hold your hair while you puke in the toilet of a dive bar), former smoker, poser extraordinaire, oh yeah and she cooks and grills like nobody's business.
I just can't recall her name.....
Okay, moving on to the rest of my staff


Yolanda she is my Yard broad, pool man, gardener, weed puller, she does it all outdoors. Plants, pulls, weeds, tends, yanks, and cuts. And she does it with a smile. Thanks Yolanda.

This sex kitten....yup this is Karlita.
She's hot, she is the official "escort" for the hubs, Dirty Jobs chick, she is the one who can get any job done around the house.
Swing a hammer? No prob. Load the dishwasher with no hands? No prob.
Not to mention this tough broad can sell a Ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves.

Hope you all enjoyed meeting my staff. Be sure to tell them THANKS for helping me
find the time to blog and chat with you all.

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