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Stupid is as Stupid Does: Random Thoughts Tuesday

The Five Fish: Stupid is as Stupid Does: Random Thoughts Tuesday

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does: Random Thoughts Tuesday

 My first Random Thoughts Tuesday care of The Un-Mom. Love her.

Politics and the American people amaze me more and more everyday. I am surprised I do not suffer from chronic headaches with the unstoppable head shaking of "WTF are you thinking?"

This will probably be my one and only rant on politics and the American people asking why the hell would you not let your child see the President speak about education? Are you stupid? You think that this ONE man has that much power to brainwash small children for a matter of minutes? You dumbshits let your children sit in front of that boob tube for hours watching Ed, Edd, and Eddy and you are worried about a Harvard graduate speaking to children about staying in school, listening to their teachers and listening to their parents and staying the course so they can make something of themselves in the future. Oh, ok. I'll take my college graduate ass somewhere Canada, France or the UK where they have socialized healthcare too. So I don't have to pay to give birth.

My bullshit meter is off the charts lately. I can smell it like a hound dog after a fox. Seriously I have this uncanny ability to tell when someone is bullshiting me. I don't always call them out because really...the situation gets a little harry when you tell someone to their face they are full of the smell brown poo spewing from their lips. Ew!! I guess I just don't understand why people do it or lie for that matter. I mean really...where are those lies getting you but into deeper lies to cover with more lies. Seriously, a kitty litter box is cleaner than that pile of minutiae. Not to mention that people fall all over that BS like the gospel.

Parents are also oblivious to the actions of their children. O.B.L.I.V.I.O.U.S. I used to be that way until I turned on the bullshit meter. I saw through my kid like he was a spectre. Honestly, Waterford wasn't nearly as clear as my boy. I started to talk to him about his actions. Hitting...gets you nowhere dear, use your words. Words strike harder than a fist. Tell them NO, do not hit, NO, that is not nie. If they lie about what they did to you, let it go and let karma run her course. I love Karma...she is a slow mover, but a helluva a biter.

To have kids and not to have kids. I mean I can understand if you choose to not have kids because you fully admit you are selfish and enjoy a life without them. I understand, that's cool. I used to be that way. I used to spend wastefully on fashion, shoes, the whole nine yards without the inconvenience of a child. Then I had one, then two more. I love them. I don't judge others for choosing not to have kids as long as they have made the rational decision to admit they don't have kids because they like being selfish. Cool. People who decide to not have kids because "we are in a recession" or "I'm just not ready" are FULL OF...yes the meter went off again. Sorry. But really, I got pregnant in 2007, birthed in 2008. DURING. A. RECESSION. I mean did we need to have Newt Gingrich tell us we were in a recession for it to be official? Or maybe SpongeBob for those with a learning curve. The whole I am not ready either...who the hell is ready? NO ONE!! You aren't ready for the second, third, a double, the triplets, no one is really ready as each child is different. You as a person (hopefully...I am being STRONGLY hopeful in this statement) grow and evolve so your parenting is different. Your views are different. Which let me disclaim this, since my wonderful bloggy friend reminded me that if we waited till we could afford kids.....we'd still be waiting to have kids, I found I was pregnant with Big G when I got "let go" from my job because they heard I was shopping for another one and in two weeks were we packing up our house to move out of state. So yeah, weren't ready and I didn't really have a set in stone job when I moved. Really!!

The writers of Forrest Gump must have been geniuses when they came up with this statement in the movie "Stupid is as Stupid Does"

That's my rendition of Random Thoughts Tuesday. Happy Tuesday and off to Wordful Wednesday!!

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