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Wordful & Wordless Wednesday A tribute

The Five Fish: Wordful & Wordless Wednesday A tribute

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wordful & Wordless Wednesday A tribute


Daniel Robert Hudson
January 31, 1930 - October 17, 2009

I had quite the emotional post the other day in tribute of my beloved and much adored grandfather. I really cannot say much else other than even in his passing I learned so much more about him. He worked in the copper mines of Baghdad (Arizona...sheesh!), he played Semi-pro basketball (which explains his explicit knowledge of the game), he owned his own business not but a few years ago, and he was in the Special Services for the military. In addition to all the wonderful facts on my grandpa I am so blessed by my family, my friends (big Hugs to you Jen, I love you dearly!! You inspired my tribute to Grandpa!) and my bloggy friends for all the wonderful condolences. Without blogging I would have retreated inside. Holding all my feelings inside not dealing with my grief. While I am still in denial, I will begin to motion through the remaining stages of grief where I finally will come to my acceptance. Ultimately the most painful emotion, the healtiest.

Please if you can send karma, prayers, thoughts, MoJo for my grandmother. While she is being strong, I know this will be the strongest test of her faith in her lifetime. 56 years of marriage, she will need a higher power to provide divine strength as she too grieves and processes her feelings.

Thank you all, you have no idea how wonderful you are in my bloggy life and real life!!
Happy WW!!

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