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Gifts for Her: Shade Clothing :: CLOSED

The Five Fish: Gifts for Her: Shade Clothing :: CLOSED

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gifts for Her: Shade Clothing :: CLOSED

As women become mothers and as we age our style still for the most part remains the same. We want to be stylish, we want to be "hip" but our style more or less evolves with our age and with our bodies. I have found that I still love to wear beautiful clothing that accentuates my body, but that does not make me look like Michelin Man. I have a few bumps and rounds here and there from having children, but nothing too bad. But I cannot pull off my hipsters and a tee showing my navel like I could just a few short years ago. However, I can sport my jeans and a fabulous top that accentuates my curves and my fabulous style.

With that being said I found Shade Clothing. They are fantastic! I at first was a bit skeptical on the clothing, very stylish, but would it be "MY" style.

I was so glad I proved myself wrong when I received a piece of clothing from Shade to review. Fabulous! Absolutely FABULOUS! The timing was perfect and terrible all at once as I received the top a few days before my grandfather's funeral, but I looked great! I had so many compliments on my shirt, coupled with my Michael Kors trousers and Ralph Lauren Amaya Pumps.

I chose to review the Dolman Tunic which was a great choice because of the 3/4 sleeves where the top is not too hot and not too cold, literally just right for the fall weather.

The tunic has snaps along the left shoulder and down the sleeve. I was afraid the snaps would be heavy and binding and to my surprise they were very unnoticeable when I was wearing the top. The fit is awesome you can ruch the bottom as seen in the photo, or you can wear the shirt completely I was also afraid that the scoop neck would either be too low or too high causing an eye sore at my neck line and the scoop is perfect, especially because I am a bit more leveraged in the bust area so I like shirts that do not make me look like "Holy Boobs Batman." Shade Clothing claims to be clothing for modest women, but I hardly consider myself modest, I consider myself more classic, stylish, a mom by all means and have no intentions of dressing like an escort or looking as if I stuffed myself into my clothes or dressing in a MooMoo.

Shade Clothing was founded by Chelsea Rippy, who like the rest of the shopping women of the world, could not find clothing that was stylish and not revealing. The clothes were either teeny bop or your grandmother's line of clothing. And so Shade Clothing was born to supply a fashionable line to women that they look super in and feel great. Shade Clothing has stores in UT and AZ and of course you can shop online.

Now do you want to feel great in some fabulous and super clothing? I know I was ecstatic! Here are your details to enter to win a $30 Gift Card with Shade Clothing:

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Tell me your one thing about clothes shopping or clothes in general. (Mine...the sizes are never the same for any designer...sizes all over the board!)

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Best of luck!
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