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Thanksgiving Fun Pack :: CLOSED

The Five Fish: Thanksgiving Fun Pack :: CLOSED

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun Pack :: CLOSED

Anyone ready for Thanksgiving? How about the holidays period? Not me! In fact I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house again this year and I am just at a loss. Totally unprepared. I am in the process of baking my pies (yes they are my signature...move over Martha!) and I know not everyone loves pie, especially the kids.

Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark provided me with a great holiday alternative, cookies! Plus they provided me with some fun Thanksgiving fun goodies.

Cookies you ask? Yes cookies. Wonderful sugar cookies. Kids love sugar cookies. And these wonderful delights (in moderation of course Mom) have a Turkey shaped right into them to celebrate the season. These cookies will help to celebrate and are a great alternative to pies. If your kids happen to object to pie.

Keep in mind these are the great Pillsbury® Ready to Bake!™ and they are for a limited time! Be sure to get them now before the holiday hits and you wish you bought some. Or if you want, you can win some here along with a great Thanksgiving gift pack to help relieve all your stress!

Thanksgiving Fun Pack:
Coupon for a free package of the Pillsbury Thanksgiving Shape® sugar cookies, as well as a turkey-shaped stress reliever, pencil, and finger puppet

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Tell me what stresses you out about the holidays that your stress Turkey will help to relieve....and of course the cookies or what is most fun about Thanksgiving to you! Comfort food...ahhhh.

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