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New Years of Old

The Five Fish: New Years of Old

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years of Old

A little montage to show you how, many a New Years have been celebrated by The Chad and I...and then with the kids.


My first New Years as an a bar....still underage....and over drinking! Cantcha tell?

Looks like The Chad and his best friend have the same problem....over drinking...ha ha!

Yes the same night....same place...we were playing 3-man with some very good friends. The year we spent New Years in Temecula.

The year WE hosted New Years....and lets say that the clean up is NASTAY when you are hungover!

The year we spent New Years with my brother and sister-in-law....yes that is The Chad....kissing my sister-in-law it's a thing he does.....good times!

Now that is true family....a couple of drunks playing chess....yes....I am drunk with my brother...who was also drunk....playing chess. We rock!

The year we decided to start remodeling the New Years....with Grant....look how little he is! Probably about the twins' age...craziness

That is a fun New Years....water guns!

At least Mom and Dad made it to the ball drop!

Happy New Years, be safe everyone!
See you all next year.

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