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Las Fotos Meme

The Five Fish: Las Fotos Meme

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Las Fotos Meme

Want something to do over the weekend? I’d like to introduce you to LAS FOTOS created by Kristin over @ Our Ordinary Life a new photography blog meme. Every week she is asking bloggers to post a picture and/or story about the week.

Not photography quality, but when you don't have a camera in your purse....., Karie Herring

I am so thankful that if I don't have my camera at least I have my cell phone to capture these moments of the kids having fun with me where ever we may go. Even something as simple as going to Target for something we needed a detour into the hat section to play dress up in front of the mirrors for some laughs and fun makes the trip and time together all that much more fun. I love you three and thank you for having fun with me in the hat section of Target! You guys helped pass the time for each other and for me while Dad was in Tampa for work this week. Bitty my little hat diva, Grant my ever goof ball and Seth boy watching them since you were in a mood. Registered & Protected

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