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Monday Mingle On Tuesday

The Five Fish: Monday Mingle On Tuesday

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Monday Mingle On Tuesday

Welcome again to Monday Mingle hosted and sponsored by our friend Jen over at Monday Mingle is a great way to meet some bloggers, learn to vlog on your own. I am off to see some other minglers, hope you are one of them!

This week's questions are courtesy of Speedy girl!
1. What would Super Nanny say if she came to your house?
2. On the show Wife Swap/Trading Spouses, they typically pick opposites - what type of spouse would they send to you? (meaning what type of spouse would you really hate having around!)
3. If your spouse (or if someone were to propose to you) what would your ideal proposal be (ie setting, creative)

Next week's questions if you wanna play along:

1. Do you have brothers and/or sisters? Growing up did you wish you had more or less siblings?
2. Did you have a wedding/first dance song? If so what was it?
3. What did you do for Valentine's Day? Any special gifts given or received?
4. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, tell us something special about your spouse/partner. Registered & Protected

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