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Stopping to say HI

The Five Fish: Stopping to say HI

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stopping to say HI

Time is flying, and I have been meaning to post like a million times. The holidays really put me into OCD overdrive with things, except of course my house. I have not really touched (cleaned) my house since Thanksgiving!! How sad is that? How pathetic am I? I am the goddess of clean when you mention my home.....ask my mother, she can attest to my compulsion of clean. However, twins throw a wrench in my compulsion and I have no release. I would normally go smoke at my stress need to find something else than smoking. Though I miss my old fire breathing friend.....mmmm...the smell of a fresh lit cigarette.

Okay, back to what I was doing and not revelling in the smell of stogey smoke. So stopping to say HI as I am finishing Christmas gifts that are being produced as I type, pies to be made and shipped overnight, Gingerbread houses to be decorated (tomorrow...@ G's school), wrapping to be done, homework, and bears Oh my!

Still here, saying HI, hope to post my family juice ASAP. Twins are such a novelty right? I am sure you can't wait to hear more about life with them and their older brother.