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Basic Needs

The Five Fish: Basic Needs

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Basic Needs

As a Mom, wife, woman, and individual I have basic needs like any other person. We should all have the basic needs which are inherent of being a human, which are:

Food, Shelter, Love and Wanting (take Psychology to understand this one), Sleep

I think I covered all the true basics of being human. Now the basics of what I need as an individual, woman, wife, and Mom are a play on the basic list but get a little complicated. I found that during this holiday season I have been asked if I "need anything". This question greased the cogs of my mind that began turning like the world clock. Here is where I start:

As a Mom first and foremost, I need:

Space to raise, discipline, and screw up my kids the way I see fit without commentary, judgement, criticism, condemnation, or threats of a hostile takeover. I need help.....yes....ha ha...laugh all you want chuckles, but I can admit this. I need help where I say I need help and not where you deem I need help, which is not with my kids. I can raise and handle my own kids, I don't need help with that unless I specifically say so because I think DH and I have that division of our operations pretty much under wraps. I need help keeping up my house. Because I do not employ Yolanda to sweep, mop, vacuum, and scrub my home I then become Yolanda....everyday....every week, and every month. I need help with my laundry. I need help maintaining the laundry so that I do not have SIX or more loads DAILY!!! I need help picking up the infinite amount of toys that occupy my home like the Nazi's invaded Europe, if we move them to where they belong, they are manageable. I need help with dishes and meals. I love to cook, but I need help when I am tending to my children.

As a woman, I need:

To shower and brush my teeth each day, preferably before noon or later!! I need to be able to be a woman. Yes, I am just like the deodorant commercial where I am strong like a man, but hey, I was made a woman with softness. I need to be respected and heard, and I need not demand these needs.

Things I don't need:

Bullshit.....I have had enough to fertilize winter lawns for the next millenia, so leave yours and the boots at the door. I don't need anyone telling me what they think I need. I love how people suddenly think they are Miss Kenya the Palm Reader and Fortune Teller. I guess this might be coupled with the BS section. I don't need anyone to raise or tell me how to raise my kids. I have seen some "Winners of the Year" with how they have raised their adult believe me...I have learned from your mistake, thanks for playing. I don't need help when not asked. DH and I call this a hostile takeover. Automatically the individual assumes the role of primary shareholder and takes over as they see fit.....(clears throat) excuse me, my home, my rules, my kids, thanks for playing. I don't need your suggestions. The approach is everything, if you tell me, "Well you need to do this" I am going to tell you where you need to shove the need suggestion. However, if you ask me, "Have you tried this" and I say yes or no and ask for more info or provide reasons why "this" did not work for me.....leave it alone! Only if I ask for more info should you go on and on, if I say, Nope, didn't work.....don't go on telling me I need to try again or I need to do will be told where you NEED to shove it.

I don't know about anyone else....but am I the only one who experiences the "You need" by people, or is the needy suggestions common amongst the rest of you in blogosphere.....let me know.