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The Five Fish: Hypnotic!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Something can be said about the Phoenix metro area.....and NO not that it is F'ing HOTTER THAN HELL....yes, that is true, but not for at least another month. Something can truly be said for the early spring mornings and cool evenings that bring an extra something to the air.

If you are a native of Arizona, and especially Phoenix, you know what I am talking about.


Yes, the smell of citrus blossoms are so strong that the scent is purely hypnotic. Almost borderline makes you want to puke the scent is so strong. I love it! I was on my nightly constitutional last night (my evening jog) and I was excited by the new scent I was able to enjoy. Not the typical city scent of warm evenings past and not the scent of the mule and two quarter horses taking residence in the pasture just a block from my home. Nope, I received the sweet, hypnotic, brings back childhood memories smell of the citrus blossoms. If you ever get to the Phoenix area this time of year just take in that of a kind! Man I love Spring!

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