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She is Possessed

The Five Fish: She is Possessed

Thursday, March 05, 2009

She is Possessed

The spring air brings all sorts of funny stuff. I like to call it the seasonal full moon. People are frolicking about like dogs and cats in heat, bugs are mating on my wall under the porch light at night, birds are chirping and chasing one another.......and then Little Bity decides to act like a demonically possessed child straight out of a Poltergeist sequel.

I swear to you she is just the sweet little dainty girl of 30 inches and 19 pounds (hence the Little Bity) who smiles at you with her six teeth sucking her thumb and then.........the demon awakes! Yes the demon awakes inside her as you try to set her into her high chair for feeding time, dressing her, and or changing a diaper. Changing her diaper is bar none the WORST! Thrashing, kicking, screaming, hysterics as if she was trying to escape someone who was bludgeoning her to death. I mean she gets so worked up that she has these HUGE crocodile tears, is gasping for breath as she calms herself, and walk away from her. OMG!!! Then the process starts all over, I just can't win!

The worst part about her moments of complete and total demonic possession is that she only does this for me!! WTF???!!

Yeah, DH comes in to get her dressed and she is all smiles and babbling and just hangs out while he gets her into her jammies. Which leaves me totally bewildered and thinking, okay, maybe I just did something and didn't realize, she will be better next time.


The demonic kiniption fits have gone on for, oh say, the last three days and I am about on my last raw nerve of her screaming. I can handle screaming, but her scream is ear drum shattering, psycho thriller, girl being chased and scared awful scream. I am thinking about investing in a good set of ear plugs for her.....if anyone knows where to get a great set I would love to know.

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