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Rubbing My Magic Lamp for SITScation

The Five Fish: Rubbing My Magic Lamp for SITScation

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rubbing My Magic Lamp for SITScation

I have been sitting in my house for the last month or so rubbing this lamp. I mean I am worse than a 15 year old boy when the wind blows rubbing on this thing. I wish and pray, man do I pray, for many things. I especially show my gratitude. One thing I was taught was to express how grateful I am for the things in my life before asking for answered prayers. No matter how petty, how small, how minuscule, how stupid to others, I am thankful. I think everyone should be thankful no matter what.

Anyway, so despite my positive thinking, despite the good karma I have been generating for YEARS now (with no avail), despite my prayers, and now despite my lamp, I. am. stuck.

I am stuck with no way to go to BlogHer, okay, I will live, there are other years, plus who knows, I might just be another face or blog, no one special right?!

I am stuck with no way to go to SITScation. This one bugs me because the location is in Las Vegas. Geographically I live less than six hours from Las Vegas, I can drive there faster than it would to park at the airport, go through security get on the plane, and get to my hotel. Plus SITScation is a quaint, small, group of women who do nothing but empower. I love that.

BlogHer you would be just another face, more of a "OMG I so went to BlogHer" as a way of bragging. Seriously, some women who say they are going to Blog Her talk like Kim Kardashian wearing a new pair of Jimmy Choo's......make me gag! I have heard more intelligent life speak.

So SITScation is a huge deal. This quaint setting would be a perfect way for me to learn, in a small atmosphere. I wouldn't be herded in like cattle. I can network with these women to the hilt, learn to be a better blogger, learn to be a better marketing proponent in the women's arena, learn to market and pitch better. (Really those are in the bag for me...been in sales for more than half my life (16 years to be exact), so a pitch is the easiest thing to do. I mean I can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.......yeah, I am that good.) But I can learn to gain a wider audience. Basically I can learn learn learn, and network network network.

The best part is.....if someone would sponsor me (as I sheepishly stand there, batting my bold blue eyes, exposing just a sample of my award winning smile) I would be so appreciative. I mean I would let you advertise on my body for free! I would let you advertise on my blog.....for FREE! Use me as your vessel, use me to further your purpose and mine. We can help each other. I can help you, you help me. And....I'm cheap! I would be splitting the room with my virtual BFF (one of them...I have a few, whom I hope to see at SITScation), I don't have airfare costs, and I am so low budget frugal friendly, and seriously I would be one of the more humbled and appreciative women on this Earth!!

So if any PR out there is feeling generous enough to send a Mom of three, a singleton and twins who has worked since she was 14, hasn't had a vacation in almost 10 years, and shows more gratitude than the Hallmark section I am your girl. If you have any questions of me email me, call me if need be, interview me, I have talents that are hard to post on a blog. I am a blogger, but first and foremost I have always been a face-to-face people person. Give me a chance, I can promise you won't be disappointed! I haven't had a boss, client, anyone EVER be disappointed when the subject comes to me delivering tangible or intangible good and services.

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