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Wordful Wednesday

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Wednesday is here again! If you want to play along be sure to go visit Angie over at Seven Clown Circus and use Mr. Linky to post your favorite pictures that you can't stop talking about for Wordful Wednesday!

Well for most of yesterday I was cleaning (oh what fun!) and painting Big G's Room. His room needed a major overhaul. His room was the last room in the house to get a fresh makeover. I mean the only thing in there that was updated cosmetically was the carpet. He still had the original paint (well sort of) from the previous owners and he had this GIGANTIC Phoenix Suns basketball logo/emblem thingy on the wall. I hated it! Sure it was great at first as a theme, but now....UGLY! So Big G agreed to have the Suns Basketball removed from his wall. In fact I gave him the primer to do it! (GASP!!) I know I armed a five year old with house paint.
So we covered the basketball and painted his room the color he picked out.
Which the color is a REALLY beautiful color and I love it, very calming, very boyish, and now he can put up his wall murals of his coral, dolphins, whales, the ocean he tells me.

Hope you can see the old room and the old yick...which you can't even see the wains cot I put up all by myself in the old pics of the room since the walls are so sterile and white.

With the blue, you can see the beautiful wains cot job I the painting!

HA! Big G must like his room....this was taken this morning @ 730am and the boy is still asleep.

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