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Blog Anniversary Celebration

The Five Fish: Blog Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Blog Anniversary Celebration

What a year...I cannot believe I have been blogging a full year with The Five Fish!! I started a year prior to that just posting pictures here and there, maybe some news about what the kids were doing, how my pregnancy with the twins was progressing.

I know!!! I was pregnant with the Squids when I started blogging!! HELLO!!!???
Can you say forever and a day ago?! Not really, but sure seems to be eons ago!

So I want to share a great anniversary and I am asking faithful readers, friends, stalkers, family and of course PR, yes you PR we want you to come swim with the Fish. Let me know of some great and fab ideas! What would make a one year anniversary just super spectacular? A giveaway, some cool reviews, maybe just some super fun stuff like oh say "Guest Blogger" because I would so love a guest blogger. I have a few in mind so if you want to take a day off and come post something fabulous here for the Fishy Anniversary, or maybe say come use my space for a WHOLE WEEK and promote your cool swag send me an email and I would love to hear some super cool ideas and input. Now off to formulate some idears of thy own to share in a belated (that works for late anniversaries right? right?!) anniversary celebration!

P.S. >> I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!! I saw some of you celebrated at home, on a lake, at a parade, all in all looks and sounds like everyone had a blast and was safe! OH, and my virtual BFF Stesha has some great news about her boy! So go on over and check her out!! I am just so darn happy for her and one of her twins, so stop on over there and show her some comment love.

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