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VGNO and Ann's Birthday

The Five Fish: VGNO and Ann's Birthday

Friday, July 10, 2009

VGNO and Ann's Birthday

Okay, I have so failed to post pertinent blog fodder content...which I have plenty from this week. Let me tell you...but let me tell you first that this is my first VGNO (Virtual Girl's Night Out) and its a good thing....I am so behind. Yeah, you can consider me that drunk chick that you have to drive around because she is so stupid wasted! But seriously, I am getting there, I am getting caught up and playing. FO SHO! LOL

No really, I am getting around to my virtual life that I love and live for....but I had to live my real life today, which was BUSY!! Whew!

So here is the most important thing.....VGNO! Go meet some new friends, maybe meet up with some old, and wish Ann a HUMONGOUS Happy Birthday!

The Five Fish always love a birthday, the celebration of your life here with us! Birthdays ROCK!

Have a very Happy Birthday Ann and enjoy Coldplay tonight!


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