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Just Another Day

The Five Fish: Just Another Day

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just Another Day

Yesterday was like any other day. Hotter than ever living hell here in Arizona, kids screaming and babbling since finding their voices, barking orders about what they want for breakfast, me drinking my coffee, enjoying my zen moment with my milky dark friend.

Yesterday was like any other day. I fought to take a shower because the kids felt the need to scream and carry on that I was locking them outside of a door they did not need to be behind (because this is what happens when they get behind said door)

and they (the Squids) also decided that the recycling bin is a great box that carries cool sounding toys and they unloaded that along my kitchen floor.

Yesterday was like any other day. My delusional father psycho dialed me (definition: called more than once in a single day or within a few short hours with no reason other than his own) all day to which I ignored his calls as usual.

However, while yesterday was like any other adult day I did have breakfast and lunch made for me on behalf of DH (which I totally enjoyed!!), I got a box of chocolates, cupcakes from my sister (who doesn't stinking love cupcakes??!!), a great E-card from a dear friend, and some cool balloons.

While I really wanted a damn parade and clowns (even though they are WAY creepy), getting older is not as fun as it used to be as a kid. But I really enjoyed taking a day all to myself to do what I wanted (for the most part) and spend time with the ones I love.

No expensive gifts, no party hats, no huge cakes, no strippers...damn....just a fantastic day to celebrate my age, since I really do like my glad to not be in the "kid" category anymore. Plus one of the best and most heartwarming cards from my best friend who professed his love and wealth of love to me as he always does. And I got three smiling little faces who had no idea what the day was (with the exception of Big G) but were happy to share in the experience of losing their little minds slapping balloons and eating cupcakes.

Life is about the little things.

How did you or how will you celebrate your birthday this year!?

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