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Wordful Wednesday: Fat or PHAT

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday: Fat or PHAT

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Fat or PHAT

While this rendition of Wordful Wednesday should be more appropriately named Wordless Wednesday I am going to give this a good old fishy spin. You see this photo is quite comical to me. Also my ultimate goal at this stage in my life. Although I am officially a cliche "30 something" and if you are old enough to remember the show named after said label you will be feeling me with that statement. When I was scrolling thumbing through my photos I found this one of my wedding day. On that day I was amazed I fit into my dress. I warded off birth control, high carbs and calories so I could fit my so called "fat ass" into my dress. See dress:

Yes, well like I said. I thought I was FAT, and now, as a 30-something with kids I look at myself and say:
DAMN! She is PHAT! And in the words of Chris Tucker I do mean: "Pretty Hot And Tempting." Talk about image distortion when you are young, I could KILL to be looking like that again. One day...I am working towards that goal...I will get there....or at least close enough. Here is my "fat" picture.
Um yeah. Fat? Where? Oh right my "thunder thighs?" 
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