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The Five Fish: Gratitude

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you met the people who blog? I haven't. I have met them through their beautiful writings, tweets, Vlogs, emails, and IM's. Through these people I have seen beauty and strength. I have to say that bloggers are some of the coolest people around. Pat yourselves on the back, cheer, hoorah, because really I know that I am in the presence of greatness with some of the coolest, most genuine people. I am also super dooper UBER thankful for all the kind words, thoughts, prayers, kudos, MoJo, etc for myself during this time and for my family.

Seriously....some of the nicest and greatest people ever! You folks are awesome!

Now as a token....who wants to take a day off and come guest post? I would love to have some guest posts!

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