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Mother of All Blog Awards

The Five Fish: Mother of All Blog Awards

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mother of All Blog Awards

I have to tell you I am just amazed at all the AWESOME, genuine, good-hearted, RAWKIN' women and moms of the blog-o-sphere! I tell you I just LURVE you all. Can you feel the love? NO? Well here you go.

You see my friend Mel, who makes me laugh on Skype and has super UBER giveaways, she passed me this awesome award and we LURVE her for it, so please go check out her UBERNESS if you haven't already.You might know she is "Outnumbered" in real life....but here....we blogga's come in numba's (okay that was totally lame cool)

And you did this super AWESOME, fabulous Mom who is doing right by her family, do you know her, A Mom After God's Own Heart, you should know her, she is just LOVELY.

But life gets totally BETTER, because if I didn't already have the coolest entourage of reading (yes I read these ladies and I get giddy when I see their email....DAILY) the Dynamic Duo of PINK and POSH have nominated me for the same award! So I have to say if you are not reading these ladies....FAIL. Seriously, love them because everyday I feel B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and they have UBER DUPER giveaways too!

Just when I thought I had enough to bust out of my britches.....dear, sweet, SANE, theatrical, Lauren was SUPER OOPER awesome to nominate me for the Warm and Cozy. I love the thought you someone might feel warm and cozy at my blog. RAWK ON! Come latte up here anytime Lauren. Muwah! xoxo

Without further adieu as I am humbled yet again by some super fabulous bloggers who love my CRAZY, my ranting, my emo, I am suppose to pass on to a BOAT LOAD of other bloggers and here goes! I am suppose to link to 15 (for each award) of bloggers I have found...which is a lot quite frankly, so I am going to go with the bloggers I have found from my comments section. Yes YOU! My lovelies, my PRETTIES!

  • Lauren, sister love you come get your best blog award. Post it proudly love!
  • My Poshy Nicole, I love you from here to the MOON! Now I just have to meet you and your duo (in RL)! You get the Warm and Cozy, as I always feel warm and cozy about mahself at yours and Jeri's place!
  • Mel, come get you some sister! Wam and cozy fo SHO! Like a little Gnome Warrior, punt worthy. (WoW reference....sorry)
  • Erin, my chillaxin love, you make me feel warm and cozy for SURE, and of course you have the best blog of course...all my friends do!
  • Speedy, I wubs joo! What more can I say.
  • Mama Hen, I know....I said it out loud, You are the best blog (because you so deserve it!) and I felt so at home in your Vlog. Warm and Cozy!
  • Callie, My Jamerican Spicy love. Come get you some!
  • Equidae, Mel, I love you my dear friend. I finally got my passport, I will soon, find a way to hop the pond to come visit! 
  • A Mom After God's Own Heart, you are the epitome of Warm and Cozy good lady! Come get you some too! Spread the love like butter!
  • Stacie, my dear, patient, STRONG, beautiful friend. You so deserve this for all you do. Folks check her out and LEARN and support autism awareness. HUGS!!
  • Helen, she is A FOODIE after my own heart. Man can this woman manuever a kitchen. And ON a budget! Hop the pond to see her. We WUB her here at The Fish.
  • Amanda, My Short Mama, I told you! I told you I had something up my sleeve. Come get you some. Oh folks, she is a fellow Zonie, so we REALLY lub her too!
  • Carissa, She is good and Crazy! I love her! She is a Mormon after my own Pagan heart! Just kidding, had to give you snark because I love you! Get your awards sister! The least I could do for what you have done for me. HUGS
  • I Wonder Wye, she is HYSTERICAL! This woman has lived, is living, is wonderful I so enjoy her stories. Makes me want to always curl up and read.
  • Michelle, who has a thousand pictures to tell a thousand stories and they are magnificent. If you do not read or see what she has...GO DO EET NOW!
  • MamaOTwins, is my Irish Twin, she must. She has crazy like me, I like how we crazies stick together. Like a village, or an island, or something. She is fantastic.
  • Kara, she has a purposeful blog and a great Green chile recipe. I dig her food thinking! I love food hot and spicy!
  • Amy, she is fanatically FUNNY! Great stories, great wit, her blog is one I like to lurk. I am a lurker, like a hunter. 
  • BlueViolet, I LURVE her, she is like a surrogate mom, sister, we are kindled flames together. She RAWKS my bloggy world and is FUNNY AS all get out!
  • Auntie E, she is a busy bee! She is just as sweet as jam, go get your read on with her. Very warm and cozy!
  • Lizz, she barely has any nerves left, or sanity maybe? She is a night owl like if you came here looking for your award....its here. In my drafts, preparing to be posted. We LURVE Lizz. And you should root her on because she is getting her SEXY back! WOOT
  • MamaDweeb, she rocks! A dweeb after my own heart, I LURVE that! She is also the coolest new Monday Mingler.
  • Simply Me, another Mingler. We blog chicks get around and its all good. She is too cute and sweet as can be, I love her Southern Belle accent. Go love on her!
  • Melissa, My sister from another life, my love, my muse. She is rockin' and drooling, mom gone mental, though I don't think her kids are doing that to her much anymore if you read her blog. LURVE you! 
I think that is about all the bloggy love that I can muster right now....I have lots, if I did not name you, I do WUB JOO very much! I read. I read lots, but right now. My bed is calling me so I can go make love to my sheets, my cool, cotton sateen sheets that need LURVE too!

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