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Random Thoughts Tuesday: Craptastic

The Five Fish: Random Thoughts Tuesday: Craptastic

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday: Craptastic

What a week right? It's only Tuesday Mrs. Fish, what could you possibly be rambling on about now?

Seriously a rough week.

My weekend was awful. DH and I had our anniversary in the middle of the week. Arranging a babysitter in the middle of the week is quite possibly as entertaining as squeezing blood from a turnip. Saturday rolls around and we are in high hopes of a sitter to entertain ourselves for our semi-annual dating ritual. FAIL. Yeah not so much. But I made up for the failure by attending a great soiree with my bloggy pal Kelly Loubet which I will post later for you all to gawk and squawk on.

Family also fails at that. Not that my family should be the responsible party for watching my children on my NINE YEAR faithful wedding anniversary, but the thought would be quite wonderful. Which speaking of family. I have a sister. You know that right? Yeah, she blogs over at the Greer 5. I think you all know her I used to, she doesn't come around here anymore. Not sure why on that considering we live in the same metropolitan area and area code. Sad really.

My father, a genetic fail. I received a "bob" auto dialer call today where they are looking to collect on his unpaid debt. Kthxbai, how the hell did you get my home number douche bag? I am unlisted. Both of you. Collected and Sperm Donor. Keeping with the theme of douche bags, yet two more calls come in, again one looking for family that does NOT, nor has ever, lived at our residence and the other for DH's ex wife. Yeah, he had a starter wife, she sucked. Couldn't even take care of a puppy, hence why he married me. Queen of all things domestic, financial, and debate worthy. Oh and her IQ was about as high as a cricket, I do possibly recall that Forrest Gump may have carried a higher IQ than she. Moving on, so yes we received these calls, fantastic. Time to change the number again, and to be unpublished.

In more craptastic random news, film at eleven, my star son. Oh my dear boy, my Einstein who failed today in every possible societal way. Hitting. Kicking. Cursing. Oh yes, I knew the day would come. That one day that dear boy would drop the biggest bomb on some teacher and boy HOW did he in the largest LDS populated school district. I am quite impressed however at his proper pronoun-verb-adjective utilization. Quite frankly to describe and verbalize that your classmates are fuckers is rather impressive. I boast at my use of the word fuck as a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, so he must have achieved his oral expressionism from me. Either way, he has lost privileges and is now well on his way to "earning" them back through child slave labor....and by that I mean chores. I have to say we handled the situation well considering the craptastic circumstances. No tempers lost, no yelling. We like this way of parenting, more effective.

Oh yes and finally what is with everyone? I am assuming all the craptastic phenom is related to the full moon. Dogs humping babies, cats and dogs licking each other, kicking, cursing and fighting, seriously, get over it. I mean if you have a beef, get your beef on, grill some up, but for the love of Pete, slinging mud like a sou, really, so unbecoming. Anyway, lots more randomness but I will not keep you here. Go check out more random thoughts and rantings with Keely, The Un-Mom.

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