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Monday Mingle: Fashionably Late

The Five Fish: Monday Mingle: Fashionably Late

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Monday Mingle: Fashionably Late

Welcome to Monday Mingle! Monday Mingle is a great way to start playing with your Vlog and a SUPER way to meet some new bloggers and have a little fun...actually TONS of fun! Hosted by your, well she's MY friend Speedy, over @ I am grabbing some water and off to watch your mingles as we have a FABULOUS week. If you want to play along check out Speedy's blog and grab your weekly questions for fun! Now on with the show!

This weeks questions are:
1. Someone tells you that you have the whole day off and gives you $1,000 to do as you please.
What do you do?

2. Who would play you in a Lifetime movie about yourself?

3. We're in the technology age. What is your favorite technological innovation?
What one do you think is just useless?

4. What is your favorite funny childhood memory?

5. What is/was your favorite Kool-Aid/Jello flavor? One you hated?

OOOPS.....wrong video...though Russel Crowe is indeed scrumptious right....especially in a loin cloth! RAWR!
Here we go!

Next week's questions are:

1. Tell us FIVE random facts about yourself.

2. Do you wear perfume or cologne? What scent(s)?

3. How many speeding tickets have you gotten in your life?

4. Do you go fishing? Do you like to fish?

5. What reality tv shows do you watch?

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