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Wordful Wednesday: Dinner

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday: Dinner

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Dinner

The kids are all now at a certain age where we are all sitting at the dinner table. While the twins could probably stand to continue their seating in high chairs, they are socially at the point where they want to be at the table with the family.

I am all for it! Why not? Why not start now and teach them manners and keeping their food on their plate that they have been working so hard to do and by using utensils which they are mastering. They just have to get past that not ever spoon is a spork and not every fork is a spork.

Our scene from dinner just last night. The first night with the "kiddie" bench since I bought a matching farm bench to match the farm table in the kitchen. This way, they can sit next to one another like they like and at the table with big brother, mom, and dad.

I just love to see all three of their smiling faces at dinner. Such a joy to have my family at dinner every night. Now if they would all "SIT" and sit still that would be even better!

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