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Fish Fry-Day Featurette: Wheel-Chair Mommy

The Five Fish: Fish Fry-Day Featurette: Wheel-Chair Mommy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fish Fry-Day Featurette: Wheel-Chair Mommy

I met this lovely woman during the Monday Mingle cruise and can I just tell you that her smile and demeanor is totally infectious. IN- FEC- TIOUS! (Can I stress that more?) She has a wonderful smile and is super cool. So I am sure the first and foremost question to most normal folks is "Is she really in a wheel-chair?" To which she is....and she has the cutest short vlog on MomTV about herself, so when you stalk her blog be sure to check out her super sweet video.

Also, I asked her about how she became bound....well I shouldn't say bound because this woman is in and out of her chair like a toddler in and out of their clothes. But I asked her how the accident happened and she sent me to her fabulous uncensored FAQ which answers all of our most "curious" questions. Admit are curious. My husband was curious. So let the beautiful, happy (since she will slap you silly telling you that you make your own life happy), young, and strong Priscilla tell you her story and her fun blips here on my blog. Enjoy the sweets of Wheelchair Mommy!

  • Tell me, why do you blog?
I blog as an extension to the baby books and I love connecting with other moms/women :)
  • What is your real life job?
I stay at home with my 2 prince charming boys, William and Lucas!
  • What is your favorite drink?
Mmmm.....Mexican Martini!!! TEQUILA!!
(Oh we would have to watch out.....whew...this woman and I would end  up closing a bar!)
  • Where do you live in the world?
Texas (Yee Haw!! Sorry...LOL)
  • Your favorite quote?
"Changed, but still the same" by me in 1999 after my wreck.
 (I love it! I think we are still the same people with a whole new outlook and perspective on know....perception is reality.)
  • What is your life motto?
Live to make yourself happy!! (Amen sister!)
  • So...I had to long have you been paralyzed and have to get around by wheelchair?
I have been paralyzed for 10 years. The date was September 12, 1999. It was my first fall semester at college. I say first FALL because I also took a class over the summer. Yea, I’m a dork. Whatever.
  • Can you know?
And for this one.....head on over to Priscilla's awesome blog and read more about her "life is what you make it" with her adorable boys and her super sweet husband who got her some sweet gifts for Valentine's Day. Registered & Protected

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