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Gonna be a Scrooge

The Five Fish: Gonna be a Scrooge

Friday, December 19, 2008

Gonna be a Scrooge

One might think that Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Carols, lights, baking, family, gifts, the whole nine yards. I feel this is a complete load of S#*T! I shouldn't be a scrooge but I am. I am excited for my kids and can't wait for them to open their gifts, however, everyone else can just shove off.

I know I shouldn't be, but really. The economy is in the dump, money is tight, and my greedy family members expect gifts? PUH-LEASE! So this year I am the gift Nazi. I am not buying for DH's family as I have done in so many years past. I will let him be a big boy and buy for his family if the budget allows. I mean why should I buy for someone else's family? I don't expect him to go out and buy my mother or father gifts?

I think the reason I am such a scrooge is how the last year has past and all of the crap that came and went with it that I am carrying that baggage that I hope to leave at December 31 before moving into the new year. Lets recap the reason for being a Scrooge:

1. Stabbed in the back by a family member or members
2. Birthday forgotten by all except the woman who birthed me....sad really
3. Um, had two extra kids that suck the last bit of life from me (love them dearly though)
4. Just flat tired
5. Because I can be a scrooge

So for all of you out there who feel bad about being a Scrooge and "Bah Hum-bugging" the whole Christmas holiday.....come have a drink with me and to hell with those happy holiday people.