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It's a House Party!!!

The Five Fish: It's a House Party!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a House Party!!!

My sister, Nicole, over @ The Hudson Fam 4, and one of my partners at Three Sisters is having a super cool party!

Simply head on over to House Party to read all the juicy details of all the available and upcoming parties! What a great way to review, test, share, and have a blast with a new product.

So back to Nicole. She is doing the biggest and most popular house party known to man.....


I mean how freaking cool is that!? You get to check out the totally redesigned Ford Fusion plus Ford is offering great incentives like a $1700 federal tax credit for those buying the new Ford Fusion Hybrid. So you get paid to be green? Sounds like an added bonus to me, at least that bailout money is being put to good use!

Keep an eye out for Ms. Nic as she is going to start promoting her house party, post cool pics of the whole event and give us all the juicy details on the American Idol Finale and the new Ford Fusion. Way to go Nicole!

Be sure to sign up for your very own House Party and tell them how you heard about it!

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