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Wordful Wednesday

The Five Fish: Wordful Wednesday

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

I am such as slacker....I have not posted since last weeks Wordful Wednesday, but I have an excellent excuse! Not that last week was Spring Break, but this week's Wordful Wednesday will explain.

Have you ever been able to start a project and finish within a few short hours or a day? Yes how nice that would be in my world of complete, total, and utter organized chaos. You see I love a clean house, but I never get to enjoy a clean house because the task takes me ALL DAY. Not that I have a large home, but having two gnomes follow your every move, defeating each completed task, a five year old who has no concept of the word "clean" at all...except that it's something that has to do with Mom, and a husband who will put a recently dirtied dish into my empty kitchen sink when the dishwasher is inches away. Ah yes, the joy of cleaning a home. I truly love to clean my home, sick I know, I suffer from some serious OCD so when my house is clean I feel like I can do nothing and that my fruits will be appreciated. WRONG! They will be appreciated in a manner which yields dirtying in a short matter of time. My stainless steel appliances will once again be tattooed with little hand prints, smegma, and other stickinesses, my floors will be littered with crumbs, toys will be strewn, pillows will be tossed, clothes will be piling. But in my cleaning pursuit, that I was able to accomplish TODAY, in ONE DAY, which NEVER happens, I took pictures to prove, I do clean my home and it is clean...if only for a few short seconds....maybe a few minutes....and if I am REALLY REALLY lucky.....hours.
So I have G's Room, My room, the Squids' room (with them in it), my Pride and Joy (kitchen), and my bloggy multi-purpose TV area (see the laptop to your right...that is my perch) and they are all spotlessly clean!! Dusted, vacuumed, fans are cleaned, beds are semi-made, no clothes on the floor (even my room....which is amazing!) and all my windows are open to let in the fabulous fresh Arizona spring air.

Thanks again Angie for starting, sharing, and letting others share in the Wordful Wednesday!