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Even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the recession

The Five Fish: Even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the recession

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the recession

Big G has finally lost all four of his front bottom row of teeth. Those suckers were all hanging by threads and this last one was a doozy as the tooth hung onto dear life in the child's mouth. I mean we could brush and brush, and wiggle and wiggle to no avail. Just when we all but gave up hope that he would NEVER lose that dang tooth, *POP*.

"Mom, Mom, MOM!" He comes rushing in to tell me about his tooth as I am listening, but not listening as we mom's happen to do, how he is "Gonna wash off my tooth in the bathroom sink." "Okay buddy.......WAIT! NO!!! Bring the tooth here." I gently placed his tiny tooth on the window sill of the kitchen so we could place it into a neat white envelope for bed time for the Tooth Fairy to retrieve. Later that night I put his tooth in that white envelope and took it to him so he could stash the treasure under his pillow.

Then DH and I decide to go to bed some time later.......completely forgetting about the tooth. It hits me! OMG I am the dang tooth fairy. I whine and complain to DH about how comfortable I am in bed and that I don't want to be the Tooth Fairy tonight. He replies to me asking if I am passive aggressively asking if he would do it........Um, why would I have to be passive aggressive? If I wanted you to do it I would have assigned you the job, hello, I am the mom and the adult in charge right? So this time I wanted to diversify G's exposure to the various forms of US currency. He has gotten a Five dollar bill, mainly because the Tooth Fairy didn't have ANY change for the first two teeth and the event was totally unexpected, losing two at once. He has received a dollar and this time I figured we would switch up what was to be delivered and so I fished out a fifty cent piece.

I sent my fairy self into his room, pulled the envelope out and slid the money in.

The next morning............the kid completely forgot he lost his tooth. About lunch time I had to remind him that the Tooth Fairy came and we needed to see what she brought. As I went about continuing cleaning G came back with a look of total surprise and worry. I asked, what was the matter and he had this response:

"Mom", (Shaking envelope in the air) "The Tooth Fairy is out of money too."

I was mortified and laughing so hard I almost fell over looking for his money to find it on the floor next to his bed. Luckily we gave him a fifty cent piece and nothing smaller or the Squids quite possibly would have decided to consume the Tooth Fairy change.