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I fail...I need priority help

The Five Fish: I fail...I need priority help

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I fail...I need priority help

I have now taken public steps to admit I need help. I am an addict! Not that I cannot live without these items or that I would go to great lengths to neglect my family or important responsibilities but I am neglectful. I am a total, utter, and complete addict to reading my daily blogs. I have my blogs that I subscribe to, follow,m read to see how my friends are (since we don't always chat), I check on their Tweets (Yes, I now Twitter, OMG), and of course, I Facebook. I am everywhere on the net......except class.

My second to last class before graduation, by far the toughest class I have and I cannot build up enough enertia to log on to class and complete my assignments. OMG!!! I have senior-itis!! That has got to be it. I mean I would rather clean my house than to work on sad is that! Plus my sister got me hooked on these reviews, so now I have to devote more time to doing that because I find that on a greater entertainment plane than my financial forecasting. Sigh....I must go log in before I lose anymore time, but sigh, I also have to start dinner, at least I made a fantastic 2-layer strawberry cheesecake. Thanks to the folks over at Kraft Foods I could whip that yummo dessert out in 20 minutes flat, plus some dinner ideas for the week. So I'm off to see my grill about a flame and make some dinner.....maybe I can get some homework done and still get my cardio done....or just get my cardio in. Sigh....