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Update to "Moral Obligation"

The Five Fish: Update to "Moral Obligation"

Monday, May 04, 2009

Update to "Moral Obligation"

Alright so I actually got a Tweet to give an update on my bout with the City of Mesa Public Schools, you know the one questioning the Moral Obligation of the board and superintendent to the teachers with skill and the students who need teachers with skill and expertise.

I have to say that I am quite disappointed that the only response that I received was one that was fluffed by a PR pro. The weak attempt to disarm me has left me holding the bag wondering when I would receive some sort of half cocked, debatable response. To no avail.... a week has passed and nothing. I am severely disappointed and frustrated that a school board, in fact the current superintendent, can leave a tax paying, parent to a school aged child hanging with a half-arsed, vague, weak, unexplanatory email. So now that a new week is upon me and I have some free time this early in the week I think I might have to battle with the beast again and see what sort of response, and hopefully an honest response, I can solicit from the Board, the Superintendent....and hell while I am at it...the state. Email moves fast, so I will make sure that my fingers are punching the keys like the ivory of a piano as I play my concerto of questions and I demand true answers. Wish me luck....and if you are as passionate about education as I am....get involved in your child's education and his or her school, we are the foundation for their future!

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