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Does this mean anything to you #2

The Five Fish: Does this mean anything to you #2

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Does this mean anything to you #2

I figured I might start a series of these as I am SURE that more women have this problem and the problem is not just mine....and mine alone.
Every Monday I have a routine of cleaning my house because Monday is garbage day and Monday is just a great day to start of the whole week with a clean house. My mornings begin early as the Gnomes are up very early....generally Pickles Magoo is the first, then Big G, and slowly Little Bity will decide to join us. She is much like her father...not a morning person while my boys are up with me at the crack up dawn. So I begin the routine of getting everyone dressed, bring them to the kitchen where I meet with my Zen Master

and then after my Zen Master and I have our first morning meeting the Gnomes are all fed some scrumptious morning delight....Cheerios or Oatmeal (especially on a school morning...I mean who has time for anything else!!??).

After that is done and Big G has been helped to get ready for school and whisked off for his day of education I begin my hard core routine of scouring the house ridding my her dust, dirt, grime, clothing, garbage, niblets, cob webs, dust bunnies, messes, piles, and crap. And by crap I literally mean crap. You see that is the joy of having not just a baby, but TWO babies, is all the crap. I have a Diaper Genie that I have to empty as least once a week so my house doesn't wreak, and I hate any sort of stink or smell other than that of a floral, woodsy, I love fresh. And so rather than dumping the entire log of baby waste into my dumpster, I get a garbage sack so as to contain the mess and the odor. So I beg the question:
Does this mean anything to you and if so what?
To me.....this suggests that a "GARBAGE" sack would need to be throw into....hmmm....
I think I know....
what's it called again....
it's generally smelly....
a large truck picks it up.....
what is it....
oh yes
What does DH do when he walked by it......"Man, that thing stinks."
That's all I had to ask myself...I mean seriously?! Mind you the picture is taken just five feet from our garage door...which if you open the leads into the garage. If you open the garage are led to the outside of the house where the dumpster is located. I think you see where I am going with this. I really don't mind hauling out the garbage, but when he saw me working on other sweeping, mopping, laundry, you would think he would have pitched in to drop that in the dumpster for me. Rather than telling me how stinky the bag was....I mean really, do you think I was using it as a new form of potpourri? Sheesh.

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