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Day 3 "FREE" Week Product Review - Traba Door, Traba International

The Five Fish: Day 3 "FREE" Week Product Review - Traba Door, Traba International

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 3 "FREE" Week Product Review - Traba Door, Traba International

Welcome to Day 3 of The Five Fish "FREE" Week!!

I promised and so I am delivering.....since I got off on some tangents in the last 24 hours.

Okay so as I mentioned in yesterday's post you can actually make over your home in a preservative FREE fashion! Okay, I know you are saying, there are no preservatives in my home...what could have preservatives, what would need to be preserved? Well for one the wood in your home is made with preservatives. Yup, some of the good old 2X4 or 2X6 construction has what is called "green" wood (it actually is colored green) which is great for fighting those nasty little buggers called.............TERMITES!!! Plus "green" wood is treated so it is less likely to warp due to weather and takes longer to burn when your house is on fire from what DH has told me. I'm no "wood" pro (*giggle) so ask your local contractor or one of those fabu guys at the Home Depot.

Alright, so the biggest thing next to the overall construction is paint, which they have VOC free stuff (again click on the HD above) your carpet (same linky) and DOORS!!! Yes those fabulous things to keep our privacy are LOADED with nasty stuff that we are completely unaware of. Here is what a standard MDF door is filled with.........FORMALDEHYDE!!! Tell me that is not a preservative?! I mean we use it on the dead......good thing they are dead because it guessed it.....CANCER!! Hello, preserves them right? Preservative. Now luan doors, pictured below, you would think are super safe and preservative free right? Because they are a species of a mahogany in the veneer on the door. Nope they use the same type of glue as the MDF, the glue holds down that luan veneer that looks so great right? Nope...ugly doors!

Those photos are straight out of my home when I bought it in 2004. Aren't they stunning?

I hear crickets................
that must be a FAT NO!!

Alright so here is what my home looks like now.....mind you I made all the simple and inexpensive makeover options: paint and doors, plus a nice set of runners. All of that cost $240! But that includes the two runners, the doors you see in the above pictures (8 doors @ $20 each for a slab) and the paint! Now the best part of these doors......they are FORMALDEHYDE FREE!!

How is that? Well the new doors being distributed by Traba Door beginning this year have to be formaldehyde free due to legislation passed in California which is where Traba headquarters are located. California Air Regulation Board passed a law about airborne toxins in products that have formaldehyde, among other toxic and carcinogenic preservatives, such as cabinets, doors, the whole gamut. So every door that is manufactured and sold by Traba has to meet the CARB regulations.

Here is some info on Traba straight from their website:

Traba is pleased to present an international line of doors infused with historic design and hand crafted with a rich blend of materials. Everything from the doors core construction to its beautiful finish is completed with relentless attention to detail ensuring every door is as strong as it is beautiful. More than just a brand, Traba retains old world craftsmanship with unmatched value.Traba Classic Series doors feature a unique 1 ½” solid wood edge along the top and sides; plus a 4” solid wood bottom rail. The deeper edges make the door capable of accepting longer screws while also providing extra room to customize for a special floor treatment or tight space. The stiles are 5” wide adding flexibility to incorporate an over sized lock set. A one piece veneer finish eliminates seams that appear over time in normal stile and rail constructed doors.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

While the value of the engineered core is reflected in the superior strength and stability of the door, our real value is in the savings for the environment. Our engineered products are constructed of recycled industry bi-product which reflects our commitment to naturally sustainable construction and our environment. We are committed to improving the environment around us and we welcome any opportunity to contribute or participate in environmentally friendly projects focused on the sustainability of the resources around us. Our direct influence and participation in our facilities allow us the ability to control the adhesives and products we use and therefore reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants.

So with the doors being preservative free they are also a GREEN alternative!! The doors are made of composite materials, so the materials that would normally be thrown away. Click the MDF link above to read more about it. They do also have a wood product, Knotty Alder and I have to say that after reviewing all the beauty shots of the door I was head over heels.

Now you might also be wondering about warranty info and if you aren't here is the info.....every good door has a warranty!

Warranty - Classic Series

Limited Lifetime Warranty
A limited Lifetime Warranty is provided on all The Classic Series of MDF Interior Doors offered by TRABA INDUSTRIES. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is offered as long as the MDF Interior Door is in its originally installed location.
The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all The Classic Series of MDF Interior Doors against warping, cracking and splitting. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover any damage caused by cuts, abrasions or scratches on the surface of The Classic Series MDF Interior Doors. The Limited Lifetime Warranty excludes any doors used for the purpose of an exterior application. Only an authorized TRABA INDUSTRIES representative may give written consent to replace any of The Classic Series of MDF Doors.
Limitations and Exclusions
Priming of Traba Doors must be applied on all six sides (top, bottom, edges, front & back) within 72 hours. Failure to prime all six sides within 72 hours will void the limited lifetime warranty.Limited lifetime warranty pertains to doors for interior use only. If used for exterior applications, the limited lifetime warranty is void. Normal wear and tear including wear-through of the finish or deterioration for reasons other than materials and workmanship of the door itself.Abusive handling.Doors left sealed/unfinished at the job site, exposed to the elements. Appearance caused by failure to follow recommended handling, and finishing guidelines is not covered by this warranty.The appearance of field finished doors is not warranted in any event.Natural variation in the color or texture of wood not considered being a defect.Warp is not considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4" in the plane of the door itself. "Warp" is any distortion in the wood itself and does not refer to the relationship of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term "warp" shall include bow, cup and twist. For doors larger than 3/0 x 7/0, warp shall not exceed 3/8" in the plane of the door itself.If warranted door(s) are found to contain defects stated, the manufacturere may, at its option, either:Repair the door(s) without charge.Replace the door(s) without charge, in the same stage of fitting and/or finishing as was originally supplied.

If you are interested in a super easy, inexpensive, preservative free, beautiful home makeover and would love to see Traba in your sure to contact Chad and he can point you to the many distributors and door shops all over the U.S. (and soon Canada!) that carry Traba Doors. I know here in Arizona, Legacy Custom Doors is carrying Traba. When you contact Traba by emailing Chad, let him know you read the Traba Door review here at Five Fish, so you get the superior treatment I received from the gentlemen at Traba.

Make it a Great Wednesday!

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